The brand 1660 LONDON is the fusion of two great British passions, tea and porcelain.
From the combined connoisseurship of tea smith Tim d’Offay and the ceramicist Peter Ting a brand that delivers an authentic tea life-style.
The initial working relationship resulted in range of 3 tasting cups developed by d’Offay and Ting as the best shapes to release the full aroma and flavour of a variety of teas. To this will be added a full range of equipment to best enhance the serving and enjoyment of tea.
Peter Ting

Peter Ting is an award winning ceramic designer and consultant, who has worked for over 20 years within the luxury sector. He has designed state gifts for HM The Queen, and ‘Lord of the Isles’ chinaware for HRH The Prince of Wales. He is a trustee of the British Crafts Council. Collections of his work are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK, and Museum of Art and Design, New York USA.
Tim d’Offay
Tim d’Offay is one of the most widely travelled tea experts in the world and the proprietor of Postcard Teas, London. He has regularly visited India, Sri Lanka, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan to work with some of the finest small-scale family tea producers. Teas sourced or blended by him can be found at Asprey, Selfridges, Liberty, Harrods and Dean & Deluca. He is author of a bestselling book on black tea published in Japan.
Lu Zhou
Lu Zhou studied fine arts, ceramic & glass design in four leading art & design universities in China, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK. After years of travelling, designing and exhibiting, she decided to combine her design expertise and love of tea to work with Timothy d’Offay as Postcard Teas's creative director. For six years, Lu has been working with some of China's finest tea makers and ceramicists to bring tea and teaware of a quality rarely seen in the West since the 18th century. Her ceramic works have been exhibited at Sotheby's.

Desmond Chang, entrepreneur and above all, a passionate gourmet. In 1993, he started running Concord ceramics, and in a short space of a few years grew it into the largest ceramics decal company in the world.  He is currently the CEO of Homebase China, and VP of Inhesion Group. Under his direction, the companies have manufacture limited edition tableware for Beijing Olympic 2008, created State gifts from President Hu Jin Tao to HM, Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England, and are proud manufacturers of a one off tableware service to celebrate the 60th anniversary National Banquet for the People’s Republic of China, October st, 2009. This is in the collection of The National Museum, Beijing. 1 Chang’s passion for food, wine and above all flavor combinations have lead him to create the inventive and highly acclaimed Ruyi Banquet in 2012.